Defining Your Personal Decorating Style.

A week or two ago, I was at the store get things to decorate my little apartment when I stopped and realized I had no idea what my personal decorating style was and if it correlated to what my husband’s was (while he doesn’t like to spend hours at the craft store — rude, I know — he does have a small idea of how he would like our home decorated, and I would like us both to be happy). We are living in a tiny one bedroom apartment right now while we finish school, so we haven’t done too much decorating (especially since we aren’t allowed to put holes in the wall). I am hoping when we graduate and can get a little bit bigger apartment, we will be able to take the style we developed together and really put together a beautiful home. Continue reading

Twinkle Lights: Transform Your Space.

IMG_0492 2

If you were to look in my bedroom right now, you would see that around the perimeter of my ceiling, I have Christmas lights. But it’s not Christmas, Taylor…

Okay, I know that but here’s the best thing about Christmas lights: nobody ever said you couldn’t use them all year round. It’s called mood lighting. Personally, I adore twinkle lights of all kinds. The most popular would be the classic Christmas lights (white in color, pointy little baby size bulbs, most often seen on festive pine trees). But now you can find them in other fun styles as well: fairy lights, globe string lights, rope lights. The ways to decorate a space is seemingly endless. Continue reading

5 Favorite Target Finds.


Well the truth had to come out at some point. I… in love with Target. It is physically impossible for me to walk into a Target and not spend every penny in my bank account. I can’t help it. That is part of the reason my fiancé and I are registered there for our wedding. It’s the store with it all, and more.

I prefer to shop at Target for everything (if you couldn’t already tell…) when I am back by my parents. It gets a little trickier here in Idaho because our Target is the size of my left pinky nail (Target if you are reading this….please build a bigger target in Idaho Falls, Idaho pretty pretty please). Luckily, online shopping exists and so do online wedding registries.

We all know Target sells some bomb stuff: clothing, home decor, makeup, shoes, school supplies. The options are literally endless. Today’s post is mainly going to be touching on some super awesome steals for your home that you can find at your neighborhood, wait for it…Target. Continue reading