5 Favorite Target Finds.


Well the truth had to come out at some point. I…..am in love with Target. It is physically impossible for me to walk into a Target and not spend every penny in my bank account. I can’t help it. That is part of the reason my fiancé and I are registered there for our wedding. It’s the store with it all, and more.

I prefer to shop at Target for everything (if you couldn’t already tell…) when I am back by my parents. It gets a little trickier here in Idaho because our Target is the size of my left pinky nail (Target if you are reading this….please build a bigger target in Idaho Falls, Idaho pretty pretty please). Luckily, online shopping exists and so do online wedding registries.

We all know Target sells some bomb stuff: clothing, home decor, makeup, shoes, school supplies. The options are literally endless. Today’s post is mainly going to be touching on some super awesome steals for your home that you can find at your neighborhood, wait for it…Target.

This gold and cream shower curtain *squeal* 


Only $20 and absolutely flawless. Get it here.

This vanity tray. With gold hardware and glass panelling, it is the epitome of class.


Also only $20. Close your eyes and think of how pretty your vanity could be with this tray, filled to the brim with your various makeup items. Get it here (you’ll be glad you did).

This gold desk lamp.


Can you tell I am a little bit obsessed with gold lately? It is so warm and classic, I just cannot get enough of it! This desk lamp would be the perfect addition to your bedroom or office space. You know you want it..might as well get it here for $24.

These two throw pillows.

So for one, I am completely obsessed with throw pillows. So that’s good. Two, these are so cute I can’t stand it. Insert my gold obsession here again…and add a pretty blush colored accent (FYI: I am also really into blush. It is even one of my wedding colors…) Perfect for an office couch, for the bed or for that fancy chair in the corner nobody is allowed to sit in. Gold pillow is $20 (get it here), and the blush pillow is $30 (get it here).

This canvas bin.

target 6

I love this because I love canvas bins, period. They are the perfect neutral. They don’t call attention to themselves wherever they are stored (in the tv stand, the closet or under the bed). They are durable and easily cleaned and they are only $15. Get the large version here — they also carry a small version.


There you have it. My five favorite Target finds this week. My pinterest board for my future home just gained about 65 pins….

The wonderful thing about Target is you can shop by collection. I love this because when I buy things for my apartment, I like them to coordinate. I usually have a theme in mind when decorating a room. I like to incorporate metallic (heyyyy there, gold. what’s up?) and neutral colors with pops of color around the room. For example: Adam and I’s kitchen once we get married will be cream, with cobalt blue and sunflower yellow as our accent colors.

I hope that this post will inspire you to make each room reflect you. You don’t have to shop designer home decor (talking to you Anthropologie….even though I love you more than life itself) and break the bank in order to make your home look beautiful.

Now speaking of Target, onto something really exciting: if you are following me on Instagram (which you totally should be.. @blondeandambitiousblog)….you get an awesome opportunity. I am part of a team of bloggers that got together to bring you a


The giveaway will kick off at 9pm EST tonight, so you have plenty of time to go follow me and get ready for this!

I will have instructions on how to enter the giveaway on my Instagram page at 9pm! I am so excited to be able to bring this to you!

*Disclaimer: Neither this post or this giveaway is endorsed by Target or Instagram, all views expressed are my own!*

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