Choosing Our Engagement Picture Photographer.

I have to be honest. I was so nervous about choosing a photographer for our engagement session/wedding. I knew exactly what I wanted when it came to our engagements, but I had a budget. I had things in mind that I just didn’t want to compromise on (we will hang these pictures on our wall for like, ever, you know?). Then, as I was scrolling through my Facebook a couple months ago, I found Michelle and Logan Photography. It was by complete accident, because I wasn’t even looking, but I think it was perfect. As I looked through her pictures, I couldn’t stop grinning because every picture I saw was my dream come true.

Their pictures were etherial and dreamy and they didn’t look retouched (that was a big deal for me. I wanted us to look like us, not like magazine models). I could actually see how in love the photographed couples were. I wanted that.  Continue reading