4 Reasons Why You Need A Floral Dress.

I am so excited about this post, guys. My dear friend (and engagement/wedding photographer) Michelle agreed to take some pictures of me for Blonde and Ambitious and she never fails to disappoint. Check out her page and book her for your next event.

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This post is all about my newest addition to my closet: The floral dress. And guys…lemme tell you…I would wear it every single day. I’m not even joking. I actually hesitated posting pictures of this shoot on instagram because I literally just posted two pictures in this dress last week. Sigh. The struggle. But seriously. You need this dress in your life. Here’s why.

REASON #1: It’s perfect for date night.

I mean come on. Look how handsome that guy is. I have to dress up so that he doesn’t look better than me on dates, seriously. This dress is the perfect combination of casual and dressy and that means that it ROCKS for summer. You can wear it without fear of looking too dressed up (how often do our date nights consist of a cocktail party or corporate event? 0%) and bonus points because it is easy to match to your honey so your pictures look on point.

View More: http://michelleandlogan.pass.us/taylor-loves-adam

REASON #2: Jean jackets make it killer.

I am all for jean jackets. In fact, I just wrote about them in my last post. The best part about this dress (in my opinion)Β is that the simple addition of a jean jacket takes it from date night to perfect for afternoon shopping with your girlfriends. You need something this versatile in your life because everything in your closet should be able to be worn multiple different ways.


REASON #3: You can accessorize a hundred different ways.

I chose to pair this outfit with my black coach clutch, a gold belt and my favorite gold necklace (gifted to me by Michelle…I’m telling you guys…she’s a rare gem, that one). Other options for accessorizing include: hot pink belt, coral bag and a larger gold statement necklace. Because the stress has so many colors, you can really pick and choose an endless amount of ways.

View More: http://michelleandlogan.pass.us/taylor-loves-adam


View More: http://michelleandlogan.pass.us/taylor-loves-adam

REASON #4: A world of shoes opens up

I chose to style this dress with my strappy, chunky heeled sandals (see other ways to style these shoes here). I usually always go for a nude shoe when I have a lot going on with an outfit. My friends joke with me that I have more nude shoes than you could possibly need. Other options for shoes could include a pop of coral or hot pink.

Black Floral Dress — $46.50

Nude Strappy Sandals — $24.74

AEO Denim Jacket — $59.95

Glitter Gold Belt — $34.50

Black Coach Purse — $155

There is it ladies! How to style a floral dress and four argument-proof reasons why you need to get one RIGHT NOW!!! Seriously. Go buy one right now. Unless you already have one…then tag me on instagram with your floral dress outfits!

Don’t forget to comment below with your favorite part of this outfit and tell me how you would style this floral dress! Like what you see? Let me know what else you want me to style!

Also, if you are interested in having a styling session with me, check out the tab at the top that says “styling session” and shoot me an email! I would LOVE to help you feel confident in your clothing and feel like a queen bee every time you leave the house. πŸ™‚


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