styling sessions

Hello, ladies! If you are to this page, I assume that you are ready to take your look to the next level, either with makeup or your wardrobe. You have come to the right place if that is the case. I would love to help you feel beautiful in everything in your closet or finally feel comfortable putting a little bit of makeup on. Either way, I’m your girl.

Below I have listed some options for types of sessions that I offer. If for some reason, one of those sessions isn’t exactly what you are looking for, I am more than happy to customize something for you.

If you are interested in doing a makeup or styling session with me, please send me an email to with the subject: STYLING SESSION or MAKEUP SESSION

Packages / Prices

Makeup Consultation: $75

During this consultation, we will go over skin type, age, what type of makeup you currently use or have used in the past (if any) and what type of look you feel comfortable with. I will create a document for you containing everything we talk about and give you some makeup examples to go off of in the future.

I will let you know what my opinions are for what type of makeup you should be using, and what brands are best within your budget. I will go over the products I think you would best enjoy.

Shopping With Taylor — Makeup: $150

Let me actually show you what products are best for you. After a brief consultation (Skype or over something fun like dessert), you and I will hit the stores to discuss brands, options and colors for you. During our session, we will get you everything you need to revamp your makeup collection and then I will show you how to do the face of your choice.

I will make sure you feel confident enough to do your makeup on your own, and I am always available to send you more tutorials or answer any questions you may have.

Image Consultation: $75

During this consultation, we will discuss best colors, clothing for your body type and how to get the most out of your budget. I will create a document containing everything we talk about and give you outfit examples.

Color Analysis: We will review the colors that are best for you, your best color season and include a color card for you to take with you.

Hair/Accessory Review: I will recommend the hair style/color I believe would flatter you the most, as well as what glasses shape fits your face the best and jewelry for your hair and facial features.

Body Type Assessment: I will recommend clothing styles and silhouettes that I believe will best flatter your body type.

Where To Shop: I will give you a list of shops that fit best within your budget and have plenty of options for style and color.

Shopping with Taylor: $150

After a brief consultation (via Skype or over a delicious dessert), we will go shopping together and I’ll show you the stores that best fit your budget and style. During our session, we will discuss how to shop without feeling overwhelmed and what to look for. We will go over how to style your new wardrobe, a body type assessment, and color analysis.


If you book both styling or makeup sessions together, I will take 25% off your total.

If you book all four sessions together (for a complete wardrobe and makeup revamp) I will take 35% off your total.