Twinkle Lights: Transform Your Space.

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If you were to look in my bedroom right now, you would see that around the perimeter of my ceiling, I have Christmas lights. But it’s not Christmas, Taylor…

Okay, I know that but here’s the best thing about Christmas lights: nobody ever said you couldn’t use them all year round. It’s called mood lighting. Personally, I adore twinkle lights of all kinds. The most popular would be the classic Christmas lights (white in color, pointy little baby size bulbs, most often seen on festive pine trees). But now you can find them in other fun styles as well: fairy lights, globe string lights, rope lights. The ways to decorate a space is seemingly endless. Continue reading

Outfit of the Week: Wintertime Favorite.

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My style during winter can be summed up in three words: cozy, comfortable, bright.

I always love picking out outfits for the wintertime (mainly because it is so much easier to dress modestly when you actively try to cover as much skin as possible due to the regular -15 degree weather). But ALSO I love being warm. I’m chronically freezing, no matter what time of year it is. So it makes sense that in the winter I am twice as cold as usual.

Wintertime means knit scarves, fun coats, bright colored boots….the options are endless. Today’s look is based around the new plaid blanket scarf my bff got me for my birthday (she knows me so well)! It is beautiful and exactly what everyone should own from November-February. The goal is to epitomize warmth, without sacrificing style. (The weather was about 16 degrees during this photo shoot so I can attest to this outfit being warm…) Continue reading

5 Favorite Target Finds.


Well the truth had to come out at some point. I… in love with Target. It is physically impossible for me to walk into a Target and not spend every penny in my bank account. I can’t help it. That is part of the reason my fiancé and I are registered there for our wedding. It’s the store with it all, and more.

I prefer to shop at Target for everything (if you couldn’t already tell…) when I am back by my parents. It gets a little trickier here in Idaho because our Target is the size of my left pinky nail (Target if you are reading this….please build a bigger target in Idaho Falls, Idaho pretty pretty please). Luckily, online shopping exists and so do online wedding registries.

We all know Target sells some bomb stuff: clothing, home decor, makeup, shoes, school supplies. The options are literally endless. Today’s post is mainly going to be touching on some super awesome steals for your home that you can find at your neighborhood, wait for it…Target. Continue reading

5 Shades of Lipstick Every Woman Can Pull Off.

Think of this blog post today as an episode of Myth Busters. The myth we are busting today? The notion that some women can’t pull off lipstick.



If you are one of those women that thinks for some reason you can’t pull off a rockin’ bold lip, I want you to think again. Just for a second, pretend that you don’t have that mindset. Stick with me until the end of this post, and if I haven’t convinced you to at least try to wear lipstick, by all means, you can leave the boldness to someone else.

Lipstick is, in my opinion, the best makeup product of all time. It completes every outfit, every makeup style…because even a “nude lip” requires some kind of lipstick or gloss to bring you to that perfect “no shade” color everyone covets.  Continue reading

I Guess I Workout Now: Part One.

FullSizeRender.jpgI workout now.

Okay, sorry, I had to go wash my mouth out after saying that. Yeesh. I don’t workout. Well, now I do apparently, but before this week: definitely not. I don’t know how to use equipment effectively and two years ago I went to a gym and I was using a machine wrong and some guy walks up and goes “hey. you are using it wrong”, hardcore judged me and then laughed. OKAY BYE DUDE. At least help a woman out and tell me how I am supposed to be using it so I DON’T LOOK LIKE A FOOL. UGhhhghhghs. I’m clearly still salty about that. Continue reading

What’s In My Bag: Beauty Essentials.

I am a makeup-aholic. I spend far too many hours watching makeup tutorials and pinning makeup looks to my Pinterest boards. I spend way too much money on new products and colors. I just love it. It’s like art. But on my face.


Like any beauty lover, I have my cult favorites (please ignore the Urban Decay shrine in my bathroom…move along…nothing to see here…). There are just some products that are worth the price tag because not only do they last forever (because a little product goes a long way with good brands), but they also look phenomenal. Even someone inexperienced in makeup can tell the difference. That being said, there are also certain products that truly aren’t worth spending copious amounts of money on. Their drugstore counterparts are literally just as good and you can absolutely save your money for something else a hundred times more fabulous (like good foundation. Trust me). Continue reading

Cleaning Playlist.


Everyone knows you can’t clean your house/apartment/dorm room without the right music to go along with it. You know? It’s just, like, one of those things that goes without saying. I have put together a cleaning playlist that will have you dancing more than cleaning (which, I believe, is totally okay and healthy really. The more dance parties the better, in my opinion..)

This also doubles as a really great getting ready in the morning playlist, FYI.  Continue reading