Fit Made Easy: Fitness Life Hacks.

Hey y’all!

Does that sound a little out of the ordinary? It certainly should because this is Hayley writing to you from Project Hay! I’ve had the wonderful privilege of getting to know Taylor these past few weeks while we’ve been setting this up for you guys and, let me just tell ya, I totally know why you all love her! She has such a down-to-earth, genuine and beautiful soul and her blog is so addicting to read and easy to love! I sorta feel like I’m a guest star on some random talk show and I’m completely loving it! Anyways, I’m here today to present some of my top life hacks (that I actually use) when maintaining my health and fitness. I’m sure that it’ll be a blast and please, please make sure to check out my blog for other fitness and lifestyle-related posts. With all that being said, let’s dive in! (Read more about Hayley’s Fitness Hacks…) Continue reading

I Guess I Workout Now: Part One.

FullSizeRender.jpgI workout now.

Okay, sorry, I had to go wash my mouth out after saying that. Yeesh. I don’t workout. Well, now I do apparently, but before this week: definitely not. I don’t know how to use equipment effectively and two years ago I went to a gym and I was using a machine wrong and some guy walks up and goes “hey. you are using it wrong”, hardcore judged me and then laughed. OKAY BYE DUDE. At least help a woman out and tell me how I am supposed to be using it so I DON’T LOOK LIKE A FOOL. UGhhhghhghs. I’m clearly still salty about that. Continue reading