How To Effectively Use A Planner.

I have a tendency to over-book myself if I do not immediately write down events and assignments. And this is where my lifesaving, handy dandy notebook comes in. But seriously. i. love. planners. they regularly allow me to keep my sanity and they are the only thing that keeps me from ripping out my hair on the daily. 

I keep my homework assignments, daily to-do lists and special events in there. It is color coded, because I am a visual human being, and without it I would be lost. If you haven’t considered using one, you are living life wrong (okay, you’re not wrong but you are missing out I swear). And in my personal opinion, cellphone/ipad/computer planners just don’t cut it. I like the feeling of paper planners and I like personalizing it to fit the way my mind and schedule work. Buying a new planner is absolutely one of my favorite parts of the year. Continue reading