Twinkle Lights: Transform Your Space.

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If you were to look in my bedroom right now, you would see that around the perimeter of my ceiling, I have Christmas lights. But it’s not Christmas, Taylor…

Okay, I know that but here’s the best thing about Christmas lights: nobody ever said you couldn’t use them all year round. It’s called mood lighting. Personally, I adore twinkle lights of all kinds. The most popular would be the classic Christmas lights (white in color, pointy little baby size bulbs, most often seen on festive pine trees). But now you can find them in other fun styles as well: fairy lights, globe string lights, rope lights. The ways to decorate a space is seemingly endless.

At my wedding reception we are having indoor garden lights (globe string lights) above the dance floor and they are absolutely magical. (Is it April 9th, yet?) They provide backlighting, soft ceiling lighting, curtain lighting…I could keep going. I’m mesmerized just thinking about it.

To show you some of the ways you can use twinkle lights in a bedroom setting, I have scoured my apartment complex to find the best twinkle light set ups. I am always so surprised on how these lights can completely transform a room when the sun goes down.

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This is a simple way to decorate your room with twinkle lights. Stick the thumb tacks into the wall and gently hang the twinkle lights on the tacks. I hung them a little bit lower so they weren’t straight across the wall. My roommate and I pooled the extra lights on top of her headboard and draped them around her decorations (she has amazing style when it comes to decorating). We have these lights on every night when we are winding down for bed. Trust me on this: it is so much nicer than bright, harsh, overhead lights.

I LOVE THIS ROOM! Instead of having string lights, she opted for icicle lights instead. Paired with her cute wall tapestry (obsessed), these lights are the perfect compliment to her bedroom. I love the “T” shaped decorations with the lights behind them. Starting to get the “twinkle light” fever? Me, too. Time to go hang some more….

The light bulbs in this room are so fun! They are a lot bigger than the traditional Christmas lights and glowed a little more white. They outlined the closet with the lights, which is so cute! Incorporating sparkle into your everyday decor should be top priority on your to-do list. 🙂 Twinkle lights are the most important part of achieving that “whimsical” room effect.

This one is a lot of fun. Hanging the pictures from the string of the lights is so clever! It creates an atmosphere that screams college girls, so it is perfect for first apartments or dorm rooms. The string of the lights is white (which is what I prefer, personally), so it blends right into the wall. All you focus on is the soft glow of the twinkle lights!

So what do you think about Christmas lights all year round? Do they add that certain something to a room? I think so. They are so easy to put up and then bask in their warm glow. Whether you need more light in your room, or just want to cozy up the place (and I am all for that), string lights are by far the best way to do it. You don’t have to stick with the wall ideas shown here: get creative! Hang them across your ceiling, fill mason jars with it (they make beautiful mantle pieces!), divide an open concept room…

Let me know what you think! Tag me on Instagram with your favorite twinkle light set up @blondeandambitiousblog! I am always looking for new ideas to incorporate into my little apartment space. 🙂 I love hearing from you guys!



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