Defining Your Personal Decorating Style.

A week or two ago, I was at the store get things to decorate my little apartment when I stopped and realized I had no idea what my personal decorating style was and if it correlated to what my husband’s was (while he doesn’t like to spend hours at the craft store — rude, I know — he does have a small idea of how he would like our home decorated, and I would like us both to be happy). We are living in a tiny one bedroom apartment right now while we finish school, so we haven’t done too much decorating (especially since we aren’t allowed to put holes in the wall). I am hoping when we graduate and can get a little bit bigger apartment, we will be able to take the style we developed together and really put together a beautiful home.

First things first, though, we needed to discover what we deemed our “home decorating style”. Adam is very minimalist, while I like more things on the walls, some table decorations and pictures everywhere. We compromised and decided that we would print and frame some of our wedding/engagement pictures, put a picture collage in our bathroom and get some wall art to put up. We prefer neutral wall colors and pops of color.



Image credit here.

So what are some ways that you can discover your personal home decorating style? Maybe you like your home to be cohesive throughout or prefer an eclectic collection of rooms? Lucky for you, I have created the perfect way to discover your personal style so that you can feel happy and glow-y in every room you walk into.

Defining Personal Style

Walk through your house and take a look around. For each piece of large furniture, decide if it should go in one of two columns: Love It and Wish I Could Replace It. Then go back through your home and make the same list for decorations. Include framed pictures and art, coffee decorations, kitchen counter appliances. Be honest with yourself. Does your home reflect your personality, or the personality of your family? 

Create a dream home wish list / dream board (heyyyyy Pinterest, I’m looking at you, homie). For example, I have pinned on my “future home” board the outside of houses I love, kitchens and laundry rooms that make me swoon, master bedrooms and beautiful offices galore…. I have pinned everything that I want in a home. When I need inspiration for decorating, I look back to that board and remember what kinds of things really stick out to me. (see my future home board for ideas here!)

Decide what the commonality is between the pictures you have gathered. Do you like open spaces and minimalistic decor? Maybe you prefer bright colors and a bunch of decorations. For example: I love clean and bright walls (think beige, tan, off white) with pops of color and framed pictures. I prefer dark wood. Our bed spread is navy and gold with cream and gold throw pillows. Once you see a trend in your designs, you can start decorating.

To make it easier on you, here are some examples of popular design looks to get you started:


Image credit found here, here, and here.



Image credit found here, here, and here.


Image credit here, here, and here.


Image credit here, here, and here.


Image credit here, here and here.

Shabby Chic:

Image credit here, here and here.

Figured out what your style is yet? I fall somewhere between urban and farmhouse….Adam and I want to combine the clean lines and minimalistic feel of the urban look with the homey feel of the farmhouse.

I’m confident you will find the perfect home decor look! I will be sure keep you all updated on our home decorating! I’ve got pictures of my finished bathroom that I will post on instagram (@blondeandambitiousblog) for you guys to see! Tag me in your pictures on insta so I can see how you have decorated your homes (and maybe steal some ideas for my future home)!

As always, thanks for stopping by and being a fan of Blonde and Ambitious. Let me know what you want to see more of in the comments and I will get working on it. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Defining Your Personal Decorating Style.

  1. My husband is farmhouse, but that’s only because he grew up in a real farmhouse. I’m sort of a mixture of farmhouse and shabby chic, so we mesh really well! (My oldest daughter is like you and urban/farmhouse, excpt she wants ALL THE COLOR!!)

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  2. I’m so glad you wrote this! I am always pinning and looking at interior design and I am all over the place! Now I can focus and narrow down my style and search:)

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