What’s In My Bag: Beauty Essentials.

I am a makeup-aholic. I spend far too many hours watching makeup tutorials and pinning makeup looks to my Pinterest boards. I spend way too much money on new products and colors. I just love it. It’s like art. But on my face.


Like any beauty lover, I have my cult favorites (please ignore the Urban Decay shrine in my bathroom…move along…nothing to see here…). There are just some products that are worth the price tag because not only do they last forever (because a little product goes a long way with good brands), but they also look phenomenal. Even someone inexperienced in makeup can tell the difference. That being said, there are also certain products that truly aren’t worth spending copious amounts of money on. Their drugstore counterparts are literally just as good and you can absolutely save your money for something else a hundred times more fabulous (like good foundation. Trust me). Continue reading