Packing Your Bags: Caribbean Cruise Edition

Today, I am going to show you guys exactly how I packed for my honeymoon to the Carribbean. Adam and I took a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines and sailed on their Fantasy boat. It was a dream. I wanted to show you guys what I packed and how I styled it. Let’s do this.

FullSizeRender 48

I definitely over prepared for my cruise. I brought at least two or three outfits that I never wore, and just took up space in my suitcase (story of my life. oh it’s a four day cruise? better bring 6-8 outfits a least). However, never having been on a cruise before, I feel like it was better that I packed too much instead of too little. Next time, I will know exactly how much to bring and can fill that extra space with more souvenirs (which would have been IDEAL).

The big thing was that Adam and I were sharing a suitcase. We had to fly from  Idaho to St. Louis to get married, then from St. Louis to Miami to board our ship, then from Miami to Louisiana for our second reception, and then from Louisiana to Utah and drive the four and a half hours home. We didn’t want to pay for two bags on all those flights so we jam packed our bag and each brought a backpack and a carry on. We each got half of a suitcase and whatever didn’t fit, we had two additional bags to fill. We really didn’t need any more space than that, and we saved on luggage expenses.


In My Suitcase:

Day One: Port of Call in Miami / Out To Sea

FullSizeRender 52

Blouse: Wet Seal — similar here / Shorts: American Eagle — similar here / Shoes: Born — similar here / Necklace: Lulu Bella’s Boutique — similar here / Sunglasses: American Eagle — similar here

Day Two: Key West Excursion / Dinner

FullSizeRender 49

FullSizeRender 50

FullSizeRender 45

Blouse: Bohme — similar here / Shorts: American Eagle — similar here / Shoes: Born — similar here / Necklace: Made by my photographer Michelle — similar here / Swimsuit: Victoria Secret — exact suit here / Cover-up: Hope Ave — similar here / Dress: Target — exact dress here / Shoes: Target — exact pair here

Day Three: Cozumel Excursion / Fancy Night

FullSizeRender 53

FullSizeRender 51

Dress: Wet Seal — exact dress here / Swim Suit: Victoria Secret — exact suit here / Shoes: Old Navy — exact pair here / Dress: Ralph Lauren — exact dress here / Shoes: Target — exact pair here

Day Four: Day At Sea / Dinner

FullSizeRender 46

FullSizeRender 47

Swimsuit: Anthropologie — similar here / Coverup: Hope Ave — similar here / Shoes: Old Navy — exact pair here / Top: Bohme — exact blouse here / Pants: Target — similar here / Shoes: Target — exact pair here

Next time I cruise, I won’t pack as many outfits, because I just didn’t wear them. The most important thing to remember is to bring your swim suits and nice outfits for dinners. Most of the time you’ll be by the pool or the beach, which is where you want to be anyways.

Happy cruising, readers. Have any cute cruise outfits that you want to share? Tag me on instagram at @blondeandambitiousblog, I love seeing the outfits that you guys come up with!

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37 thoughts on “Packing Your Bags: Caribbean Cruise Edition

  1. Day two is my favorite, but omg I love your style! This is good inspiration for any vacation. I went on a Carnival cruise in January and it was phenomenal – I can’t wait to go back!

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  2. Very cute outfits! I hear you on overpacking. I always do it, because you “might wear it”. And it stays in the suitcase. I went to Playa del Carmen a couple weeks ago, and barely made the 50lb limit! Of course, didn’t wear half of it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love every single outfit here, and they’re so practical. I tend to overpack myself, but who doesn’t? It’s all about having options, right? 😉 Great pictures, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So true! Options are the best!! I always think “what if something comes up that isn’t in the plan?! I need an outfit just in case!!” Thanks so much. I’m trying to work on my photography 🙂


  4. I love all your cute modest outfits!! I love to mix and match more for cruises, that way I’m only bringing a couple bottoms, because you’re right that you’re in your bathing suit and cover-up most of the day! (well,l if you’re taking a tropical cruise, probably not so much if you go on an Alaskan cruise, lol).

    Liked by 1 person

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