Fit Made Easy: Fitness Life Hacks.

Hey y’all!

Does that sound a little out of the ordinary? It certainly should because this is Hayley writing to you from Project Hay! I’ve had the wonderful privilege of getting to know Taylor these past few weeks while we’ve been setting this up for you guys and, let me just tell ya, I totally know why you all love her! She has such a down-to-earth, genuine and beautiful soul and her blog is so addicting to read and easy to love! I sorta feel like I’m a guest star on some random talk show and I’m completely loving it! Anyways, I’m here today to present some of my top life hacks (that I actually use) when maintaining my health and fitness. I’m sure that it’ll be a blast and please, please make sure to check out my blog for other fitness and lifestyle-related posts. With all that being said, let’s dive in! (Read more about Hayley’s Fitness Hacks…)



Life Hack #1: Use small plates when serving your food. When you have a small plate with the same potion of food you normally eat, your plate looks fuller and actually tricks your brain into thinking that you’re actually eating more food than you are. Big plates, on the other hand, make a normal portion of food look small thus making you think you need more. Eating on smaller dishes is a sneaky way to keeping portion control correct!

Life Hack #2: Watch Netflix or YouTube videos when doing cardio. If you’re anything like me, listening to music drags the time on when doing any sort of high intensity cardio. Like, don’t get me wrong here, I jam so hard when I lift but cardio just kills me because I’m constantly wanting it to end. Watching something that really engages you in it and captures most of your attention makes cardio a lot easier though! I always watch one or two episodes of whatever show I’m addicted to at the time and, as long as you don’t adjust any of the machines controls lower, it makes sweating and gasping for air.. well, kind of fun!

Life Hack #3: Decorate your water bottle. We all know that drinking water is important in order to stay healthy and energized but we also, unfortunately, know that it can be a struggle sometimes to consume as much water as you’re technically supposed  to. Buying a cute, bright-colored water bottle and personalizing it with stickers makes you more inclined to grab it and drink more. I personally love the CamelBak Eddy bottles because they have a straw and I drink more water when it’s easily accessible. Add a cute monogram and you’re ready to rock and roll!

Life Hack #4: Change it up! Humans are 100% creatures of habit. It’s in our nature to get into a daily cycle and stick to it but I’m here to tell you to throw every single one of  your workout routines in the trash. While sticking to a set time to work out is important, following the same plans over and over and over get’s incredibly boring and monotonous. Switch it up! Change your cardio routine every two weeks so you’re not running every day and incorporate new workouts into your daily plans to activate and engage different muscles. One of the main reasons people quit “gym-ing” is because they get bored, so make sure to always spice up your routine at least biweekly!

Life Hack #5: Use cardio exercise as a study break/work break. Sitting at your desk space for extensive periods of time can totally wear on our bodies and our mental capability (been there, done that!). Exercising in small, 15 minute bursts can increase creative flow to the brain and help restore energy to the rest of the body! Having a mini dance party after studying or even going on a walk definitely can reduce stress and make sure you’re performing at the absolute peak of your ability!


So, there you have it! Life hacks that are actually relevant and usable in our daily fitness routines! I sure hope that this post was helpful to you guys and motivated you to try something new with your workout schedule. Thank you for having me on here and I’m exciting to continue working on this series with Taylor. She has become someone who I can talk to daily about absolutely anything and I’m so so so blessed to call her my friend – you all are so lucky to know her via this blog! Thank you for reading and make sure to check out Taylor’s post on the world’s easiest college morning makeup routine on my blog!

Love always,

-Hay ☼

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