Ankle Boots: 4 Ways to Wear Them.

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First and foremost: I need to give a shoutout to two of my best friends, Jordan and Brooke, for standing outside with me and taking my picture and dressing up in outfits in the freezing cold and generally being two of the most perfect people in the entire world. Now that that is out of the way…

Ankle boots are like a hidden gem of the fashion world. Everyone knows about them. Everyone probably even owns a pair. But learning how to style them is a different matter. I had the most adorable pair of booties sitting in my closet for a solid year and I only wore them one way. Ripped jeans, oversized sweater…thats it. I mean it was TOTALLY cute. It really really was. But lemme tell you, that got old, fast. I got tired of wearing them like that so then I just stopped wearing them.

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Then roughly two falls ago, booties got really big. Like everyone owned them. And everyone wore them the same way. Ripped jeans…oversized sweater… and I started thinking. There has got to be more than one way to wear these things. So I dedicated my time to Pinteresting every picture of booties I could find (if you go back in my “Pinterest Closet” you can actually see this phase I went through. Approx. 110 pins about booties), experimenting with different outfits I owned and window shopping just so I could see what outfits the store had put together with the booties.

Now that I feel mostly confident in what I’m doing when it comes to fashion (haha okay…does anybody really? I’m just winging it, honestly), I have put together a list of my four favorite bootie styles!


#1: The fringe cowboy 

I love these! They are so versatile. I paired them with a cute striped dress, white vest and floppy hat. They add a sweet “western” look to this outfit. Jordan is posing like the adorable human she is.

#2: The black lace ups

I bought these a few weeks ago, and have worn them at least every other day. They are perfect for winter. They can be dressed up with black tights or dressed down with faux leather leggings or dark jeans.


#3: The chestnut wedges

These are a lot of fun. They are the perfect color, so they go with about anything. They lace up so they can be worn both down and up (I am ALL about versatility. I need to be able to wear the things I buy more than once). Also, heyyyy there Jo. She’s a perfect model.

#4: The tried and true favorite

I had to include these. These were my first pair of booties. The originals. The ones I wore with my ripped jeans and baggy sweaters…luckily I wear them with other things now as well. Like my favorite dark jeans, for example.


Ankle booties come in a million styles and colors. These are just a couple of the ones I love the most. Anyone can pull off ankle boots, it is just finding the right style for you and your outfit that can be tricky. My personal favorites have just a bit of a heel, as you can see. I like the clicky sound they make when I walk. Making an entrance is one of my favorite things. 😉

Whether you are wearing skinny jeans, a dress or faux leather leggings: ankle booties are always a fun way to go. The outfit options are endless.

If you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments! Do you have a favorite way to wear booties that I don’t have listed?

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