Outfit of the Week: Wintertime Favorite.

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My style during winter can be summed up in three words: cozy, comfortable, bright.

I always love picking out outfits for the wintertime (mainly because it is so much easier to dress modestly when you actively try to cover as much skin as possible due to the regular -15 degree weather). But ALSO I love being warm. I’m chronically freezing, no matter what time of year it is. So it makes sense that in the winter I am twice as cold as usual.

Wintertime means knit scarves, fun coats, bright colored boots….the options are endless. Today’s look is based around the new plaid blanket scarf my bff got me for my birthday (she knows me so well)! It is beautiful and exactly what everyone should own from November-February. The goal is to epitomize warmth, without sacrificing style. (The weather was about 16 degrees during this photo shoot so I can attest to this outfit being warm…)



The wind and snow got to my hair a little bit here…I promise it was wavy before the shoot started…Ahhh the struggles of having naturally straight hair.

I am so obsessed with this jacket. Not only is it the perfect neutral, but it also cinches at my waist (I am a firm believer in accentuating your best features, so finding clothes that show off what you’re proud of is key!)


Hunter boots. If you don’t own a pair yet…consider asking for a pair from your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day 😉 I got these for Christmas a few years ago, and they are the most loved pair of shoes I own. I wear them all year round. I love them. 


Now, I don’t really carry purses. I suspect that will change once I have children and need to carry more than my ID and phone. However, that being said, I do love this bag. It is made by Coach, so the leather feels like butter. I’ve had it for a few years, so it has been really loved. It fits my phone, my I.D., some cash and a lipstick. It’s the perfect size for me.


Ahhh, the scarf. You can see my hair is a little curlier in this image (I told you it started out that way). But the scarf is glorious. It is absolutely huge so it probably really could double as a blanket. Hence the name, I suppose. It is SO COZY wow, and the colors are fantastic.

Jacket: Wet Seal (Small) — Pants: American Eagle (4) — Scarf: Simple Addictions

Purse: (similar) Coach — Boots: Hunter Boots (8)

Special thanks to my friend, Lauren Hobbs, for standing with me in the snow and freezing her little hands off to take my pictures! You the real MVP. 🙂


I totally understand not wanting to dress up during the winter (because freezing) but putting together an outfit like this to look cute and like you actually thought about your outfit that day is so easy. My biggest piece of advice is to find a handful of neutrals that look good with your skin tone and stick to them, adding pops of color here and there. (That is my general rule, but, as always, rules are meant to be broken, so I don’t always follow it.)

What are your favorite wintertime staples? Tag me on Instagram (@blondeandambitiousblog) with your favorite look!



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