So You Have Too Many Clothes.

This post is inspired by the fact that I almost broke my left pinky toe going to grab a shirt out of my closet today. I stepped in front of my cramped little wardrobe and ended up waist deep in shoes and swim suits and a million other things I’ve been collecting for the last seven years. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. 


So I got to thinking. How in the heck could I get all my clothes, shoes and accessories into my closet without causing injury every time I want to get dressed? I shouldn’t be scared for my life when I want to put pants on.

*DISCLAIMER: This will take a bit of time. It took me at least an hour and a half, and you really don’t want to stop and start. You’ll lose your momentum, and it’s all downhill from there. 

Making the Most of Your Tiny Closet 

  • Take everything out of your closet. Dump it all out. This is not a drill. (This seems scary but you can’t organize around things. That’s rule #1). In order to avoid a massive panic attack induced by the tornado that just ripped through your bedroom, make sure you create designated piles. For example: one pile for sweaters, one for quarter length sleeves, one for jeans, one for shoes…you get the picture. Group by style or color or whatever, as long as it makes sense to you. This will allow you to see some sort of order in the mass chaos.
  • Hooray! You are now surrounded by piles of crazy and are ready to begin the organization process. When weeding out what clothing you are going to keep or throw away, I find it is easiest to try everything on. If you put it on and don’t feel like you would buy that again in store right now, it’s time for it to go. (I’m looking at you, halloween costume from four years ago…why do I even still have that?) Grab a garbage bag and get the clothes you aren’t keeping out of the way.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does it still flatter me?
  2. Is it in style anymore? (Disregard this question for classic pieces, such as white button ups or black blazers)
  3. Have I worn it in the last year?
  4. Is it damaged?
  • Yayyyy! You did it! Once you finish sorting through your clothes and shoes (and other accessories), you can move onto step three: closet reorganization. It’s time to put the winning items back away. For me, I like to set up my closet by season and sleeve length. I also fold my sweaters and heavier clothing because they tend to lose their shape when they’re hanging.

TIP #1: Place all of your hangers ‘backwards’ initially. Turn them around the right way after wearing each shirt. Anything still left after 6 months, toss.

TIP #2: Get new hangers. Uniform hangers allow for clean lines and less distraction in your closet. Wooden hangers are my personal favorite.

TIP #3: Use dividers and canvas bins to store underwear, socks and swimsuits in a way that isn’t an eyesore. This 12-pair shoe organizer has also been known to save lives.

TA-DA! You did it, you reorganized your closet. And really, how painful was that? On a scale of 1-10? Like a 4. Anyone can handle a 4.

I do this once a year because it keeps my closet updated and clean. I tend to wear more of my clothes if I can see them clearly, so I don’t get stuck wearing the same four outfits.

Don’t be that person that says they’re going to do this and then 4 months later have a mental breakdown because you can’t find any left shoes and your favorite scarf is missing. Seriously.

11 thoughts on “So You Have Too Many Clothes.

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  2. I agree that getting new hangers that are the same helps a lot…I got those velvety covered thin hangers and you can fit so much more…great tips to take it one step at a time

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  3. Great tips. I have recently started to let go of some of my clothes that I have been keeping “just in case” I ever wear them again. Some Ive sold on eBay so it feels good to be able to make money on these things and I can use the money to buy new things

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